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SCAR are a collaborative act formed in 2013 by Steve Survival & Mike Script.

SCAR’s ability to constantly evolve and be at the forefront of this music has seen them release music on prestigious labels such as 31 Recordings, Integral, regularly on Dispatch Recordings and most notably, arguably the most iconic Drum & Bass label of all time : Metalheadz.

It was 2014 when they released their first track for Metalheadz on the Platinum Breakz 4 album which was followed up with 2 further releases on the Platinum & XX branches of the label.

In 2015 Goldie & Ant TC1 released the ‘Caged’ EP on the main label. This catapulted them into the beginning of their long term relationship with Metalheadz which led to Goldie trusting them to remix his seminal early 90s track : “Darkrider” under his Rufige Kru moniker.

2016 saw the release of their acclaimed debut album “The Orkyd Project” featuring the amazing vocals and song writing of Naomi Pryor. This was followed up with several EPs & remixes for other labels until their Sophomore album “High Fives & Devil Eyes” came out in November 2019.

It was then that SCAR signed an exclusive 3 album deal with Metalheadz. During this time you could listen to their highly regarded energetic DJ sets all over the world from the UK, Europe & America to Australia & New Zealand, playing at clubs & festivals such as Fabric, Ministry Of Sound, E1, Star Wars, Outlook etc...

Mike & Steve have just released their 3rd album titled : “The Road Less Travelled” which Goldie feels cements them as artists that truly capture the sound and feeling of the label.

It’s clear Drum and Bass runs through SCAR’s veins.

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