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Nathan X’s DJ career ignited with a rare energy and excitement, playing for the likes of Printworks, The Warehouse Project, Secret Garden Party and Worried About Henry. He champions the very best in both commercial and underground Drum & Bass, blending Dubstep, Garage and 4x4 in his uniquely curated and highly performative sets. 


In conversations with UKF and Mixmag, Nathan X has expressed his determination to make the Drum & Bass scene a place where the queer community feel welcome and accepted. With the launch of his brand Unorthodox, the UK's leading queer Drum and Bass rave, a shining example of diversity in music, Nathan X has fronted unforgettable takeovers at Boomtown, Tomorrowland and Pride events across the UK.  


As a true force of music and culture, Nathan X is bridging the gap between the D&B and queer nightlife scenes. Soon to release his debut single and take his career to the next level, there’s no doubt that Nathan X is just getting started with breaking down boundaries and shaking up the Drum & Bass scene.

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