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Meet Luke and Josh, the visionary minds behind Koherent, a dynamic duo sculpting the future of Drum & Bass. 

Since launching their creative partnership, Koherent has been a relentless force, seamlessly blending experimentalism with technical precision. Years of dedication have led to Koherent becoming a powerhouse of underground sounds and carving their niche within the genre.

Following multiple releases with Shogun Audio, Koherent turned heads with their debut Overview Music EP "Bleep Test" in 2022. Released both digitally and on vinyl, these 4-tracks stand as a testament to their forward-thinking sonic talent, commitment to quality and ability to resonate with some of the scene's most influential figures.

Events are where Luke and Josh translate studio experiments into electric experiences. The technical mixdown techniques that define Koherent's sound come alive in the club, creating a dancefloor atmosphere that captivates crowds and appreciates a solid soundsystem.

Stay tuned for more as Koherent as they continue to prove their experimental drum & bass craft is not just a celebration of the past but a glimpse into the groundbreaking future of electronic music.

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