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Hailing from North London, Deadline is now exiting a two-year hiatus equipped with what is undoubtedly his most refined, focused, and best work to date.

Deadline's music explores gradients of liquid, dancefloor and club-focused rollers, and his back catalogue, including collaborations with Charlotte Haining (Dominoes), Emily Makis (Buttons), and Alexa Harley (Never Be Alone), has already racked up tens of millions of streams.

After a two-year break from releasing music, it's what's about to unfold that'll set the tone for the future of Deadline. With collabs scheduled with Javeon, Duskee, and Slay on Shogun Audio, as well as tracks in the works with Emily Makis, Pola & Bryson, Subsonic, Lola Murz, and Linguistics, one of drum & bass' most exciting new-gen names is about to take the scene by storm all over again.

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